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Kerala’s Anujith who once saved hundreds of people in 2010, saved eight more after death 

Some lives make the world around beautiful, even in the face of death. In one such instance Kerala’s 27-year-old Anujith, who had saved the lives of hundreds of people by averting a rail mishap 10 years ago, died in a bike accident in Kottarakkara but not before pledging his organs for others. Eight individuals received new hope in their medical conditions, thanks to Kelvin’s considerate mind.

According to The News Minute, Anujith was a teenager when he ran across a railway track in Kerala with his friends, waving their red bags like a flag. A train was approaching and the youngsters were frantically trying to warn against a crack in the track. The signalling worked and the  accident was avoided and hundreds of lives saved.

Anujith had the accident on July 14, when he was travelling on a bike near Kottarakkara. He was undergoing treatment at the Kims Hospital in Thiruvananthapuram when the doctors said that he was brain dead. His wife Princy and sister Ajalya, who were aware of his wish for donating his organs, came forward to volunteer the information.

“That was what he last told me – that if he is not there in the world anymore, let someone else live through him. It was because it was his last wish that his friends and I are going ahead with this. He did good things for people when he was alive and now in his death too, he is helping others,” The News Minute quoted Princy, Anujith’s bereaved wife as saying.

Anujith’s heart, kidneys, eyes, small intestine and hands will be donated so that they can be used by others in need.

On Tuesday, his heart was flown in from KIMS Hospital in Thiruvananthapuram to Lisie Hospital in Kochi where 55-year-old Sunny Joseph, a native of Tripunithura, was awaiting a new life on the operating table.

Anujith, who was employed as a driver with a private company, had recently joined as a salesman with a supermarket at Kottarakkara. He had lost his previous job due to the lockdown. 

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